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For more than 35 years, BizNet Communications has helped companies and ad agencies communicate, motivate, persuade and sellboth on and off the Web.

BizNet Communications has served such hi-tech, financial, manufacturing, agency, retail and wholesale clients as CROP, The Royal Bank of Canada, Central Guaranty Trust, Diner's Club, Canadian General Life, American Appraisal Canada, Johnson & Johnson, Bata Canada, Discus Music Stores, the CAA, MicroTempus, Logo Computer Systems, Lofthouse Brass Manufacturing, Syntax Systems, Teleglobe Canada, Culinar, BCE Emergis, Kodak Canada, Steinberg Inc., Strategies Marketing Direct, Talvest, TD Meloche Monnex, Standard Life, Caisse centrale Desjardins, Desjardins Credit Union, Desjardins Group, Diabetes Quebec, Orca Direct Communications, and Cantrex Nationwide.

BizNet also also publishes eBooks through its ePublishing division, FICTIVE PRESS, and music through its music publishing and distribution division, SongsLyricsMusic.com.

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  • "The results of the flyer BizNet Communications created to launch McLeod At Your Service,  my new personal assistant-concierge venture, far exceeded my expectations. The flyer generated immediate business and really put us on the map!" (Cliquer ici pour en savoir plus sur A votre service McLeod.)
    Jean McLeod, Proprietor, McLeod At Your Service, Town of Brome Lake, Quebec

    Great English marketing copy, creative ideas that work. Gets it done on time, all the time.
    Jeannine Ghaleb, Chief Operating Officer, Cantrex Nationwide

    "The members in this office are really impressed with this brochure. They feel it is a great selling feature for Standard Life."

    "I can - without reservation - recommend Doug Long of BizNet Communications to anyone  looking for an A1 top-notch professional copywriter. Doug and his partner are very knowledgeable about web search-engine optimization and marketing. His high-quality input and suggestions have greatly improved the marketing power of my website ." www.dateasianwomen.com
    CD Martin, United Kingdom

    "Thanks again for your involvement and your availability to help us
    pull this
    brochure together at such short notice. Thanks again for the
    great work you guys did."
    S. Cardin, Marketing Communications, Emergis Inc.

    "My phone has not stopped ringing! The reps love it!"
    James Bullock, Registrar, The Peel Institute (Toronto, ON) regarding Talvest's e-mail promo, SAVE $100 On Your Peel Institute Registration!

    “Compelling audio scripts and website text by BizNet Communications won us more than 6,000 PayScout applications in a three-week launch test.“
    Patrick Huyn, Director of Partnerships and PayScout Operations, PaySystems

    "BizNet Communications' promotional material for our 'Best Practices in Sales & Marketing' Seminar Series was very well received by the participants."
    Marc Pelletier, President, ExportNet